Where's My Package?

Was your package marked as "delivered", but it actually never came? Before you panic, don't. We're here to help!

You receive an automatic email/text from us when the USPS carrier marks your package as "delivered".  Often, a package will be marked as delivered by the shipping carrier prematurely.

If you receive the delivery email/text but have not received your package, here is what we suggest:

STEP 1- Double check: Make sure that USPS didn't place the item in another location like on the porch, front of the garage or in another secure location on your property. Also double check that someone in your home did not bring in the package or that it didn't get delivered to your neighbors home. 

*note* This happens often especially if mailboxes are close together. Your book will be arriving in a hot pink polybag. 

STEP 2- Wait 2-3 more business day: USPS delivery vehicles use GPS that can automatically update a package as "delivered" prematurely. Please wait another 2-3 business days,  as the package could have been marked as delivered by mistake, and will arrive within a couple of business days.  The good news is that usually this is the case and your package will be arriving soon. We want you to have your package as soon as possible, but remember things are still very delayed due to current economy issues.

Ok I've waited a few business days after receiving my "delivered" notification and it's still not here, what next?

Step 3- Contact us: send us an email so that we can inquire on your behalf. Shipping out another item could result in the same issue if there is an address issue so it's important that we check with USPS first. We will submit a service request to your local USPS for them to investigate the issue. USPS suggests to wait  2-3 business days to receive a response.

Step 4- You receive your order. If your package is not being held at your local USPS due to address or other issues, but may have been stolen or misplaced, then we will promptly ship you a replacement. 

Please note that we will be reporting the item as undelivered by the recipient. USPS may contact you to verify or further investigate. Claiming that a package was not delivered when it has been, is considered mail fraud and punishable by law. USPS has the right to investigate any case where mail fraud is suspected. 

Here are other suggestions that USPS suggests when your package says delivered but has not:  https://faq.usps.com/s/article/Where-is-my-package